The 2011 Fifa World Cup U-20 which will be held in Colombia is close to start and brings good news. It has achieved the Green Goal seal. 



The Colombian government and the FIFA Green Goal program will plant about 35.000 trees of various native species to offset the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions that will be generated during the 23 days provided for the championship that begins today and will be ending on August 20.


"It is estimated that this sporting event, which begins next Friday, will generate 9.000 tons of Carbon Dioxide, taking into account the transport of delegations, their housing and energy that will be used in stadiums in every game", said the president Juan Manuel Santos.


These trees are going to be planted in areas that supply water systems and ecosystems requiring restoration and hopes that the feast of football will be another reason to promote the conservation of environment.


In this way, Colombia would be the third country in the world to mitigate environmental pollution in a sporting event. We hope all the future sporting events follow this kind of initiatives. Is good that the environment is taken into account even in sporting events.


A Green Goal have been made and all of us have won this World Cup before it begins.




You can contribute to the care of the environment. In you can start by adopting a tree that will offset your Carbon Footprint !. Do it now !!!


Source | [Good Morning Colombia News]



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Worldwide “Climate change” is happening. Its effects are affecting day to day and its main cause is human activity. It’s clear to everyone that emissions from cars, power plants and industrial are polluters to the environment and are the leading cause of greenhouse gases responsible for the earth warming. 


As an effect of all this pollution and accumulation of greenhouse gases, the atmosphere is retaining more heat from the sun's rays that normally would, making the surface of the earth and the ocean warmer and thus climate characteristics on the ground change.


It’s time to act now, and every step we take towards reducing our impact on the environment can make a big difference. We all should start calculating our carbon footprint now? Calculate yours here!




What are greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are natural gases present in the atmosphere but in this time are rising in quantity and trapping heat in our atmosphere. Most human activities generate greenhouse gases; even nature itself produces them by natural processes such as decomposition of foods or plants. But the most impacting ones are those from human activities such as burning fossil fuels, coal, oil and petroleum, for transportation, manufacturing goods and petrochemicals for agriculture, raw material and fuels, and even livestock and mil production.


The most common greenhouse gases are:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is generated mainly from burning oil, coal and natural gas to provide most of the energy used to produce electricity, run automobiles, heat homes and to power factories. Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere when planting new forests (meet our plantation here) because they absorb Carbon Dioxide, removing it from the atmosphere through the photosynthesis process.

  • Methane (CH4) is generated mainly by cattle ranching activities, dairy cows, buffaloes, goats, sheep, camels, pigs and horses, by the intestinal fermentation of food caused by bacteria and other microbes in the digestive tracts of animals and is also generated in the decomposition of organic waste of food, humans and animals.

  • Nitrous Oxide (N2O): Nitrous oxide is produced because fuel combustion causes nitrogen present in fuel to combine with oxygen from the atmosphere. Also due to the use of fertilizers and manure containing nitrogen, in order to accelerate the natural processes of nitrification and denitrification by bacteria and other microbes in the soil. These processes convert some nitrogen into nitrous oxide.




We have seen how changes in climate have affected the earth, making the weather less predictable and therefore, it influences many factors that depend on it, such as the environment, infrastructure, buildings and economy, which were not designed for sudden changes in climate and will be extremely concerned unless we all take real action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the increase in global temperatures.


To take action in the matter, the first thing to be clear is to dramatically reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases each of us can do your part in this task.


We invite you to take the first step to protect the environment and make your contribution by calculating your carbon footprint and compensating or adopt your tree now here! was created with the intention of giving people worldwide the opportunity to help to protect the environment through the adoption of trees that are responsible for capturing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that each of us is leaving in the day-to-day, erasing the carbon footprint.


These trees, in addition to fulfilling its primary task of collecting CO2, produce oxygen, fix nitrogen in the soil and help restore the wildlife in the area, which most is in danger of extinction. 

To begin, this blog was created with the intention to tell from firsthand the experiences and learning in the Hacienda La Paz, which is where the trees that many people have voluntary adopted through are planted.

To give an idea to people who do not know the area, Hacienda La Paz is located in the Department of Vichada on the eastern tip of Colombia, between the Meta and Orinoco rivers. It is a vast and sparsely populated area of savannah, interrupted by gallery forests and rivers, as the Caño Juriepe river, where you can find many species of fauna and flora that we will be showing in later articles.

We will try to share with you our experiences so you can feel and know somehow what is happening in this beautiful site, where we planted the trees that you have adopted, from different perspectives.


That is why we have created the 4 categories to the Blog:

In the Environment section you will find articles related to current news about environment and climate change. The Nature section will show the progress we achieve in terms of the area of the property we want to be declared as a nature reserve and we will show the progress in the recovery of wildlife in the area. Social Section will keep you informed about the social programs we will develop in the course of time as is to help schools and communities around the plantation and finally, in the Plantation section we will explain everything about the planted trees that you can adopt, going from the soil preparation and seed germination to explain details about the tree species planted and their impact in the area.

Finally, we invite you to keep visiting the blog and enjoy the content and experiences that we will post here, hoping that you begin to feel passion about caring for nature and the environment as we do.

Do you know how much your car, lighting, travel, computer pollute? Make your calculation here and offset your Carbon Footprint.