The 2011 Fifa World Cup U-20 which will be held in Colombia is close to start and brings good news. It has achieved the Green Goal seal. 



The Colombian government and the FIFA Green Goal program will plant about 35.000 trees of various native species to offset the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions that will be generated during the 23 days provided for the championship that begins today and will be ending on August 20.


"It is estimated that this sporting event, which begins next Friday, will generate 9.000 tons of Carbon Dioxide, taking into account the transport of delegations, their housing and energy that will be used in stadiums in every game", said the president Juan Manuel Santos.


These trees are going to be planted in areas that supply water systems and ecosystems requiring restoration and hopes that the feast of football will be another reason to promote the conservation of environment.


In this way, Colombia would be the third country in the world to mitigate environmental pollution in a sporting event. We hope all the future sporting events follow this kind of initiatives. Is good that the environment is taken into account even in sporting events.


A Green Goal have been made and all of us have won this World Cup before it begins.




You can contribute to the care of the environment. In you can start by adopting a tree that will offset your Carbon Footprint !. Do it now !!!


Source | [Good Morning Colombia News]